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A day before the agency’s annual Roundtable event, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) unveiled its updated state Invasive Carp Action Plan. This plan, released on Thursday, is designed to tackle the issue of invasive carp and prevent their spread in state waters, with a particular focus on the Mississippi, Minnesota, and St. Croix rivers.

The DNR held a press conference on January 18th to provide details on the updates made to the action plan. The agency emphasized the importance of minimizing and eliminating the presence of carp in these waters, as they pose a threat to the native aquatic ecosystems.

The updated Invasive Carp Action Plan outlines several key elements that will guide the DNR’s efforts. These include improved monitoring techniques, enhanced coordination with other agencies and stakeholders, and increased public outreach and education. By implementing these strategies, the DNR aims to prevent the further spread of carp and protect the biodiversity of Minnesota’s rivers.

Invasive carp, such as the bighead and silver carp, are known for their rapid reproduction and ability to outcompete native fish species for food and habitat. They can also disrupt recreational activities and impact the economy of affected areas. The DNR’s action plan seeks to address these challenges by implementing proactive measures.

The release of the updated Invasive Carp Action Plan is a significant step forward in the ongoing efforts to combat the spread of carp in Minnesota’s waters. By taking a comprehensive approach and engaging various stakeholders, the DNR aims to safeguard the state’s aquatic resources for future generations.

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